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Image by Andrea Leopardi
World of Imaginative Thinkers
Brainstorming about the future.

I, Bertrand, said to Nellie, “My philosophy is to try and do my best no matter what, and only associate with the cleverest of people!” She said, “Don’t you know, you can have a good time with almost everyone. These days everyone has brain apps to make them cleverer. You have spent your time in an ivory tower and are out of touch with new reality.” I said, “I don’t want to associate with just good minds, I want the best!” She said, “You are such a snob! But I find that there are millions of up-and-coming intellects, best to meet them before they are famous!” I said, “There are many intellects who have potential, but I prefer to stick with those who are well-established intellects.” She said, “But in my view, great writers and philosophers are not accepted by the establishment. One needs to go through an agent, who are more often than not, not great intellects. And these agents only want boring, ass-kissing writers. The bulk of so-called intellectuals are mediocre and are read by mediocre minds only. The true intellectuals are left out in the cold. And there are spies who get in the heads of truly great thinkers and turn them into mediocrities. And our Worlds need to use these best minds if we are to survive. They are our natural leaders.” I responded, “I sincerely believe, that the best succeed, sooner or later.” She said, “I am a good philosopher but have not succeeded. I believe in IQ/imaginative tests for all would-be intellectuals which are judged by the most clever and imaginative among us. I feel people like you, and I know who’s imaginative and who isn’t!” I said, “Of course the people could vote for the best famous intellectuals to vet imagination in them.”


Nellie said, “But the future is coming fast, and everyone will need to compete imaginatively to keep pace.” I said, “We’ll cross that bridge…” She replied, “Imagination in advertising and marketing and creating better products, like android love dolls, and better automation and business in general. And imagination in science and the arts and just plain everyday living. We need to think about everything.”


I said, “A World of imaginative thinkers! Fancy that. But perhaps we should test an imaginative World with a colony in Space, where such a colony could exist in isolation, with many scientists to study it. It will take some time to figure out what kind of people are best suited to live together in imagination.” Nellie said, “We have many colonies that are experimental in Space. I like the android love doll experiment on Titan, which features only androids, loving one another. They can’t eat or drink or take drugs, but they can make love and mostly are obsessed with love and most crave human love, rather than android love. Every day there are new clever androids added to the population. And they are thinking of opening it to sex tourism.”


I said, “I am interested in the experimental colony of mad humans on Luna #12. People here all are insane but have good imaginations.” Nellie said, “I figure most people these days are insane. But we all find ways to live with it. And some say that madness is good, and they are content with being crazy. They have crazy drugs and make crazy love.”


And I said, “I also like the experimental colony on Io, Jupiter’s Moon. There they are all builders and have built many beautiful buildings, like those with spikes protruding or wild arching buildings and every large building is the property of one person only, and mostly they turn their buildings into spacious hotels. And are an exotic venue for conferences and meetings. And they are a neutral state.”


And, she said, “I like the experimental colony at Mars #16: Rudolph’s colony. Rudolph is a man who has gathered the so-called wisest people in the Solar System. Of course, wisdom, like imagination, is very subjective. But his wise people agree that progress is going too fast and needs to be slowed down. Many scientists are pushing the accelerator to the floor. And we are not truly ready for such new breakthroughs. Just like the ability to go to the Centauri system in just one year. And the creation of freaks, and mass-producing children and so on. Humanity is just not ready.”


I said, “And I like the experiment on Mars #21: Greed city. There the people are all poor but are very greedy and ambitious. And 10 percent of them have gotten rich and left the city for greener pastures. The encourage one another to be greedy and their leader wants them all to be greedy businesspeople. I think the whole Solar System is full of greedy people. But most greedy people want to stay on Earth where there are big markets. But Greed city attracts people who are unabashedly greedy. And some even play Russian roulette to gain another’s assets. They are crazy!”


She said, “And let’s not forget about the experimental historical World on Titan, Saturn’s Moon. Everyday they have a new date and place in history come alive. They are just like the traditional cities with trillions in props, except that everyone has free speech in every historical World. They especially relish the Renaissance, Ancient Greece and Rome, Han China, the 1960s, the Wild West and so on. All the people are actors and are given a script in the morning which they are to loosely follow for the performance in the evening.  Many tourists come to see this World and the plays are beamed to Earth and throughout the solar system. Some actors are really good at adlibbing and spontaneous behavior. They are the best actors/actresses in all creation. A true actor/actress is someone who can play any role convincingly, not just play themselves.


And then there is the experiment on Luna #14. Here they are ruled by a ‘philosopher Queen.’ The Queen has appointed the best citizens to be courtiers and people compete vigorously to succeed and earn her favor. One of the most famous courtiers is Nancy F who wrote ‘Rock and Roll Paradise’ which featured a colony of the best musicians composing concept albums. The synergy was great, and it was Bohemia and there were new, inspirational drugs and plenty of love to go around. Everyone liked the music. And another well-known courtier was Ted G., who wrote about a Paradise of souls. New technology had created hologram copies of people who could go to Heaven. It was a cerebral Paradise and the ‘holos’ could enjoy cerebral sex and received pleasure bursts from thinking. And there were many great thinkers here.” And so on.


And I said, “My all-time favorite colony though is Wizard city on Uranus’ Moon Miranda. There the people are virtual Superhumans who can fly, change the weather and become invisible like spirits. And so on.” She said, “I like how the Superhumans there all read each other’s mind and live in peace.”

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