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Mint & Gold Poets 
Carol Hamilton
Meagan Denese Mealor
poetry 4.JPG

Historical Perspective

We have not all forgotten rectitude.

           In fact, perhaps, we line up

Faster than ever in the past,


Like the books on the background shelves

          Of the TV commentators, from their homes,

All spines straight, neat, no messy stacks


Or frayed covers. Yet we choose our fervent truths

           At such wildly opposite poles,

Though not for the first time in history.


But we can clump and clash almost as fast

           As quarks right after the Big Bang

And even before our wild motion can spark light.


We forget, ignore much as we march, truth holders,

           Forget to slouch or wonder or leave a messy pile

Of our unfinished work beside an open window.

Poem 5.JPG

I Grasp

I grasp at the stars upon the top

for desires outside my reach.

Intoxicated, I balance


my toes on the chair

and reach for the cookie jar

that pokes the ceiling with its shiny lid.


My sure, sweaty palms grip the dish

and rub it like Aladdin summoning the genie.

Life is truly opportune. The world opens up


when the bounds of fear are removed.

Poem 6.JPG


Arsenic-blue maidenhair

hammers at the French barn door

like homicidal harbinger banshees,

or werewolves whittled from Baily’s Beads


Platinum pixies pamper the stargaze hothouse

birthing bullheaded bouquets of floss flowers,

quicksilver pomp trailing Lusty Gallant

and drunk-tank pink, the tender articulation

in a flame-of-burnt-brandy butterfly kiss


Often, I will summon scapegrace zigzag Jobyna:

unvarnished eventide of black-market milestones

ill-mannered flower moon nighthawk kiss-curls

wildcat moxie in labyrinthine lifeblood

hunting steeplechases in cerulean snowstorms


Monophonic, we watered waxen orchids

crooning gypsy jazz for understory tea fields

         graphed camisado shortcuts throughout

         pine-floored Greek Revival plantations

                     branded tin lizzie go-carts with dirt road donuts

                                 lindy-hopped the cha-cha-cha

                                 wielding origami legwork

                                            cross-examined historic lavender hotels

                                            hunting the revised ghost of Jesse James

                                                         divined japa mala jumble sales

                                                          from Americana roots-rock ash heaps


Between these discolored heartbeats

thrashing with tobacco shiraz and inanimate elegies,

you still lie in wait, a curtained gator

transporting twigs atop its pancaked skull,

luring in catbirds patchworking platform nests


Your koi pond essence lingers

like stolen apple perfume:


an atomic tootsie outlaw

in that rumpled peplum dress,

bumbling bungee cord sneaker boots,

catapulting rotting rogue ranches

into tectonic missing lakes

Image by Hannah Olinger

Carol Hamilton has recent and upcoming publications in Burningwood Literary Journal, Flint Hills Review, North Dakota Review, Chiron Review, Edison Review, Nevermore Journal, Gyroscope, Southwestern American Literature, The Pangolin Review, Willow Review, Poem, Blue Unicorn, Woven Tales Press, Hotazel Review, White Wall Review, Abbey,  Fine Lines, Coneflower Review, Bookends Review, Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders,  The Raven Review, Psaltry and Lyre, Stone Poetry Journal,  Oklahoma Humanities, Poetica, Poem, Main Street Rag, Brushfire Literary Journal, The Hotazel Review and others. Carol has published 19 books and chapbooks: children's novels, legends and poetry and have been nominated ten times for a Pushcart Prize. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.

Image by David Pennington

Aldas is a writer and editor with MA in Creative Writing. He had the privilege of being chosen as the Irish Writers Centre delegate for the International Literature Festival Dublin 2020. His work has been featured in Cabinet of Heed, The Fiction Pool, Qutub Minar Review and elsewhere.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Megan Denese Mealor resides in Jacksonville, Florida. A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, her writing has been featured worldwide. She has authored three poetry collections: Bipolar Lexicon (2018); Blatherskite (2019); and A Mourning Dove’s Wishbone (2022). She and her husband, son, and three cats occupy a cozy yet cavernous townhouse. 

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