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Micro Poems

Short poems with profound meaning

floating bubbles…

I tell myself 

what will be will be 


a splash in the pond

breaks the silence…

almost dawn 

hospital window — 

the moonlight 

all over her scars 



the path of healing…

one day I stay in the ashes

the next day

I am a phoenix reborn 


waving goodbye —

the blossom falls apart 

in the light breeze 


Muskaan Ahuja is a haijin who loves good food, art, poetry, books, among other innocent pursuits. Whenever she feels bored, she immerses herself in reading and writing Japanese forms of poetry, especially haiku. Out of more than 800 poems inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, her haiku was selected for the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, UK in 2019. Her poems have been published in reputed online and print journals like Frogpond, Failed Haiku, FemkuMag, Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, The Haiku Foundation, the cherita, and more. She even holds an honourable mention in THF Monthly Kukai.

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