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Stroll at Night

The poet weaves a collage of images of loss, of death, of melancholy.

White orange blossoms

Strewn along my path,

A lingering sweet scent

Of long dead flowers,

A lovelorn nightingale’s

Melancholic melody,

And a dead white moon

Hung up in the sky.

A night stroll along a

Moonlit path with

Nothing but memories

To keep me company.


Memories of a long lost

Love, an obscure past,

Much cherished laughter

And unknown dreams.

They walked beside me

Like old friends and

Hand in hand like old

Couples forever together.

And left behind us, were

The agonies of the world,

To wither, along with the

White orange blossoms.

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Nisha Nair is a writer, poet and artist. She loves to write, paint  & travel.  She enjoys writing  Japanese genres like haiku & senryu .  

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