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It's boring being the Victim

The poet rues the fact that society throws the first punch and wants to do away with the somewhat boring nomenclature of a 'victim.'

just once, I’d like to make the first move.


I want to do a runner

before the landlord chucks me out.


I want to quit before I’m fired.


I want to earn my complaint

by offending a customer

before they can imagine that I have.


I want to find a job

before the jobcentre tells me to.


I want to spit on the jobcentre crony

before she cuts off my financial help.


I want to give the jobcentre’s security guard

a real reason to “defend himself” from me.




but society always throws the first punch

and it’s boring being the victim:

downright tedious at this point.


I’d love to write a courageous poem

about how I’ve shaped my own life


this will have to make do.


as will I, you know?


Paul Tanner has been earning minimum wage, and writing about it, for too long. He writes poetry in his free time.

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