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Image by Adrien Tutin

AU REVOIR (After Li Shangyin)

The poet muses about the pain of bidding adieu.

Dead leaves fall slowly onto dead grass.

It’s difficult to meet and more difficult to part.

Darkness descends like a raven’s closing wing.

As I watch you walk away, I see the moon

climb the sky with nowhere to abide.

Softly she is going up and a star or two beside.

From an unseen lake the lonely cry of a loon,

and the wind listless among languid flowers.

Above my head an indifferent cloud seems to sleep.

An icy rain reminds me it will soon be October.

A blackbird appears, having lost his way.

Unable to find a branch to perch on,

his image lingers in my mind for days.

Image by Andrew Neel

George Freek is a poet and playwright living in Illinois. His poems appear in numerous Poetry Journals and Reviews. His poem 'Written At Blue Lake' was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His plays are published by Playscripts, Blue Moon Plays and Off The Wall Plays.     

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