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A Chat by the Champa Tree

A vignette of two women standing under the champa tree, enjoying a moment of respite from the drudgery and toil of a work day.  

Winter sunshine.

Two women stand near a Champa tree, 

Which is quietly shedding its wealth of flowers

Creamy gold with frank yellow centres

On the brick floor of the apron 

Of Dengel Hall. It’s 11 am. 

One wears a white sari with a green border

The other with a blue one.

Both lean on the handles of their metal carts 

One carrying dry leaves, twigs, faded flowers, 

Dry grasses, dust, dead insects, and fallen feathers

The other full of folded ironed laundry 

Their bodies are relaxed in welcome warmth

Bent towards one another as they chat 

For just a friendly minute, maybe two

And yet they are for me the epitome 

Of human beings who know to savour leisure 

Those little gaps of carefree relaxation 

Between work that you know is going fine 

With no need to be in the least of tension

Those moments are completely free of worry

And full of deep enjoyment of exchange 

Of simple conversation between friends 

Under a smiling sun in a blue sky

Among the trees and bushes shedding leaves 

And flowers in the sweet silence of Nature 

Carrying on its untiring ministry.

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Amita Paul is the pen name of Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia , one of the various pen names used by Punjab-born, Patna-based retired Indian bureaucrat , who has of late begun to be recognised on various digital platforms for her original writings in different genres, in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi .Her writings are imaginative, humane, socially relevant, ecologically sensitive and public- spirited, with occasional flashes of humour ranging from sharp satire to gentle ribbing of her indulgent readers.

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