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Distant Rainstorm

Journey of Rain

Preconceived notions mar the truth and have the potential of doing irreparable damage, says the poet.

No one saw the purity of chirpy rain 

during her journey from sky 

to the dusty by lanes

of the neglected terrain

They find rain settled 

in the puddles of manmade alley,

flowing along the muddy pathway

and easily call it profane

The innocent rain remains 

impervious to the

power and permanence of destiny

mired in the maze of 

corruption and sin within men

and everything conspired

against her

in the imperfect, unfair world

No kintsugi can ever save 

the broken spirit of rain

She will have to reincarnate

to be called ‘pure’ again


Dr Pragya Bajpai is Assistant Professor Department of English, National Defence Academy Khadakwasla, Pune

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