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Visual Arts

A Treat for the Soul

The Limited Edition Replay

On popular demand we are featuring two paintings of Artists we had featured in our previous Editions. This edition features two works of Thota Laxminarayana.

The Birds of Jim Corbett National Park

Anhad Jai Singh trudges through Jim Corbett National Park in search of winged beauties and captures them in all their beauty and magnificence 

The Interview: Carl Sharwath
A Poet, Artist & Photographer

The Wise Owl talks to Carl Scharwath, poet, artist and photographer. His work has been featured globally in more than 175 journals. Carl has authored three poetry books and his latest book ‘Playground of Destiny’ features poetry, short stories and photography.


Tête à Tête: Sagar Suresh Naik Mule
A 'kaavi' Artist

The Wise Owl talks to Sagar Suresh Naik Mule, an artist from Goa, who has been working diligently to revive and develop the traditional Kaavi technique of Goa. His efforts at reviving this technique have been lauded by one and all.

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