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Fellow Traveller

Human life waxes and wanes like the moon, ruminates the poet.

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Moon decorates our days and nights

with such fickle faces

perhaps that’s why we weave our songs

and stories with facets of its face …

a face as tied to the tides of time

as our own…virile in its season …

waxing and waning with a precision

we believe does not apply to us

Buts its bald white surface near apex

only calls us liars

as it moves on

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Carol Hamilton has recent and upcoming publications in Burningwood Literary Journal, Flint Hills Review, North Dakota Review, Chiron Review, Edison Review, Nevermore Journal, Gyroscope, Southwestern American Literature, The Pangolin Review, Willow Review, Poem, Blue Unicorn, Woven Tales Press, Hotazel Review, White Wall Review, Abbey,  Fine Lines, Coneflower Review, Bookends Review, Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders,  The Raven Review, Psaltry and Lyre, Stone Poetry Journal,  Oklahoma Humanities, Poetica, Poem, Main Street Rag, Brushfire Literary Journal, The Hotazel Review and others. Carol has published 19 books and chapbooks: children's novels, legends and poetry and have been nominated ten times for a Pushcart Prize. I am a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.

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